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An Old Concept For A New Generation

Honeycombz brings the centuries-old practice of matchmaking into the digital age. A practice that is still carried out today in many cultures across the world, through a network consisting of family, friends and trusted referrals to help find a spouse for the Single. It is this concept that we bring to you in its digital form.

Honeycombz launches the first digital mobile interactive platform for this traditional matchmaking process. Combining social networking tools and proprietary features to provide an adequate level of the necessary verification, cross checks, transparency and means of communication to assist its Users in finding a partner for marriage.

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Your Video Profile

Upload a short Video to your Honeycombz Profile – So that we can see you’re a real person!

Assign an Introducer
Have a family member or friend act as your Introducer - someone you can trust to be an intermediary on your behalf.
Connect LinkedIn to your Profile
LinkedIn verification helps corroborate name and career, when looking up a potential Single.
See the visual rendering of the Users connections displayed all in one place in an interactive honeycomb network.

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  • Features in place which make it difficult to create not genuine profiles.
  • Register with a few simple steps to validate who you are, with no lengthy questionaire to fill out.
  • Honeycombz is also an ideal platform for traditional Matchmakers. As a Matchmaker you can add as many Singles that you are representing to your Comb.
  • Upload your Video Profile and get noticed by other Singles on Honeycombz.
  • Get searching and start communicating within the Honeycombz network.

Did you know?

Honeycombz donates a portion of profits to charitable causes. So using Honeycombz also means you’re making a difference in the lives of those who need a helping hand.

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